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Pat Grimes is a YouTuber and content creator who loves music production, music history, and anime like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


A native of the mile wide town, Avoca, PA, Pat went to Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY and made it his home after graduating with a degree in music. 


Pat is a music producer who has created jingles, theme songs, and background music for several clients as well as recorded and produced for Syracuse bands including his own album and music projects. After honing his craft, he realized how much people enjoyed his analysis of music on YouTube as well as how much JoJo's Bizarre Adventure influenced both his music and creativity so he created a series diving into how the musicians he studied have influenced the greatest Japanese manga ever created. 


In his spare time, Pat studies and practices speaking Japanese with Genki, LingoDeer, and watching his favorite sitcoms, Frasier and Seinfeld in Japanese. He strength trains, runs, and practices yoga in hopes to look like Joseph Joestar and he, of course, continues to make music in his home studio that creatively combine his favorite animes with his emotions and feelings.


Pat does all this while also being a husband, dog owner, and new father. How does he do all this when there are only 24 hours in a day? All he can say is "Star Platinum, The World!"



Pat is available for collaborations on the following projects:

  • Ambassadorships

  • Sponsored videos and social posts

  • Live videos

  • Events and meet and greets

  • Photo and video shoots

  • Other projects that will help tell your story to my engaged audience

All content created will be promoted with atleast one YouTube video, TikTok, or Instagram reel, story, post, or gallery. Rates will vary depending on scope of work, usage and exclusivity, but please reach out to me with all budget levels.

I would love to learn about your objectives and figure out ways to work together within your budget. For collaborations and press please contact me at: Patrick -

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