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"The Holy Steel Phenomenon: Steel Ball Run's Fan Theme

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

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Have you ever stumbled upon a song that seemed so perfectly crafted for an anime that you couldn't help but think it should be the official theme? That's precisely the case with "Holy Steel," a track that's garnered immense popularity among JoJo's Bizarre a Adventure fans, sparking a heated debate about its potential as the anime's theme song.

This captivating anthem, written and performed by Nico Bellisario with vocals by Shihori and artwork by Vettis, has struck a chord within the community. Surpassing 8.5 million views on YouTube and finding its way into countless videos and TikToks, "Holy Steel" has organically become synonymous with references to Steel Ball Run.

What makes this song special is its grassroots journey, evolving into a fan-created tribute to the series. As anticipation for the Steel Ball Run anime continues to build, fans have passionately rallied behind "Holy Steel," advocating for its selection as the official opening theme. There's even an online petition gathering support for this cause:

The resonance of "Holy Steel" extends beyond its catchy melody. Some fans argue that its musical quality surpasses previous theme songs featured in the show. The song has carved its place among enthusiasts, garnering admiration from casual listeners to die-hard aficionados.

However, the dream of having "Holy Steel" as the anime's theme encounters a significant hurdle—the business aspect of licensing and production. While fans ardently support the song, the logistics of securing rights and compensating the artists loom large.

The involvement of Netflix in the anime industry has sparked concerns about fair compensation for artists, especially considering recent controversies like the writer's strike in Hollywood. However, the actual production of JoJo's lies with David Production, maintaining a positive rapport with Araki and a genuine appreciation for the music they curate.

Under the supervision of Warner Brothers Japan's music producer, Hiroyuki Omori, the selection of music for JoJo's has been a collaborative process with Araki. Omori's dual role as both a producer and music enthusiast positions him to appreciate the artistry behind "Holy Steel."

The significance of dedicated fans—the 'tribe'—cannot be understated. They're the backbone of any successful franchise, passionately spreading the series through cosplay, fan art, and online discussions. Embracing and rewarding such fervent support solidifies the bond between creators and fans, fostering a thriving community.

This symbiotic relationship between creators and fans has seen success in other franchises, notably in Sonic the Hedgehog. "Sonic Mania," originally conceived as a fan game, gained Sega's approval and became one of the highest-rated games in the Sonic series, reigniting fan enthusiasm.

The continuous backing for "Holy Steel" underscores its undeniable impact on the anticipation surrounding the next season. Fans' relentless support makes it increasingly challenging for the production team to overlook its significance. By acknowledging and supporting this groundswell, creators can harness the immense passion within the community, elevating the series to greater heights.

In the world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, where themes vary from exuberant to haunting, "Holy Steel" represents a unique opportunity to capture the essence of the Steel Ball Run arc. Its inclusion could be a testament to the power of fan dedication and a catalyst for a thrilling anime experience.

As fans, enthusiasts, and advocates continue to champion "Holy Steel," its potential as the emblematic theme song for Steel Ball Run remains an exciting possibility. The fervor behind this movement might just lead to a convergence of fan passion and production decisions, setting the stage for an unforgettable anime opening.

Ultimately, the fate of "Holy Steel" lies at the intersection of fandom and production, where the collaboration between creators and enthusiasts could redefine the relationship between a series and its devoted followers.

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